Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Humanity--Part One

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not even close to beginning my thoughts on this topic of humanity. Last night we watched Catch A Fire. It is a true story of one man's fight against Apartheid. It is a moving story of one mans quest to make a difference. It shows how change can happen if we ban together and how change can happen if we fight together for a purpose and not just to fight.

The movie clearly shows how terrorists (or what we call terrorists) are created. Because so often we don't fight fair we create people who have to fight back and they fight back the only ways they can--and we call that terrorism. If we treated everyone as though they were the same as us--and by same I mean equal; I mean just as good as us--then there would be less of a need for terrorism.

My thoughts are scrambled and I need to think this through more clearly. But I want to close this part of the post with a simple idea that struck me...If we could just realize that the same things are good for all of us the world would be a better place. If we could just realize we are all humans we might live in a nicer world.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched the movie "Syriana" with George Clooney and had the same reaction: we've created the terrorists... but it's still a complicated issue... there's free will and all that... we can either choose revenge, or we can choose forgiveness when we feel we've been wronged... which will we choose? I often choose revenge (even if just in my thoughts). I hate to admit that, because I like to think of myself as more "advanced" than that...