Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our One Year Family Anniversary

One year ago 7000 miles away our little Minnow was laid in our arms. He at that moment became the center or our family. He was sick, barely 10 lbs and was hospitalized. He has since grown over 10 inches and gained 13lbs. He walks, runs, dances and babbles incessantly. He loves SpongeBob, avocado and snuggling with mommy and daddy.

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He has come a long way since this day. As have we. He is everything we could have hoped for and more. I went into this whole motherhood thing with a level of naivete that has since been stomped out by short screaming tantrums, dirty clothes, and lots of sticky messes. I wouldn't trade any of those difficult moments for anything in the world. Because for each difficult moment there have been big wet kisses, endless giggling, countless high-fives, an infinite number of loving moments that have clearly shown me what really is important in life.

Happy Family Day Minnow. We love you.


KHS said...

Today is also our one year anniversary of our family day-- on a different continent, and with a slightly older child. But will all the same hope and love you clearly held and still do . . . Congratulations!

Karen in San Diego

*~JESSIE~* said...

I love the video! You all look so happy!!! He has come a long way. He was such a little guy.

Anne said...

So sweet. I'm all smiles. Congratulations on a wonderful anniversary!

Anonymous said...

OMG! He was so little! Those ears! I forget how little he was, even though, geesh, I was right there in the blogosphere with you holding my breath. You totally look like you've been a mommy forever in the video. Congrats on family day!

shemari said...

Congrats on Family Day. Minnow has come a long way. Boy was he tiny. You two are doing a great job with him. I wish you many more happy Family Days.