Friday, July 27, 2007

New Toy

Isn't she beautiful??? And with the nobs on top so I don't have to say "Minnow No" one trillion time while cooking a meal. I love her....


Stacie said...

OOOOH! Fancy!! I have to admit, I'm feeling envious!

Becky said...

Gorgeous! I've been appliance shopping too...or dreaming of it anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have the same one! And I act like an appliance sales person when people come in my house. It's really very annoying. When other people have it I'm all "SEE! Isn't it swell?!" And I know they get it.

It's the fact that the small oven heats up in, oh, 10 seconds to 350 degrees. And that it's also a toaster! Eep! And a warming drawer! Eep! And the fact that I never really use the bottom oven unless we're having a party or it's a holiday because when do you really need two racks? When? But when you do? Two ovens in the space of one. Pretty brilliant those appliance designers.

No one should love an appliance this much :)