Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I am infertile and we have chosen adoption over extensive fertility treatments because of the cost. We currently do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatments and one round of IVF with no guarantee of a pregnancy or live birth can cost w/drugs up to $15,000--that is for one month--imagine having to do 3 or so rounds without any financial assistance. There is a bill that has been introduced called the Family Building Act of 2005 and is being rewritten for the new congress--as all bills not passed are thrown out when a new congress is sworn in. That seems like a lot of redundant work no wonder not much gets done in Washington if they have to keep rewriting and reintroducing legislature that didn't make it through--but that is a topic for another post. Julie over at "A Little Bit Pregnant" has a more detailed post about this bill--please read about it there.

Also if you want--I beg of you please--your can click here to visit Resolve and have a letter sent to your congressman. I would greatly appreciate your support--as would the 10% of all people who are infertile.

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Karianne said...

Dawn, Can I copy this to my infertility blog? It is great info and I'd love to have it come from you.

I'll email you too.