Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Great Outdoors...

We have so many great parks in our area that it is amazing that we live in a relatively large city. There is one that is an Elk and Bison reserve. You can get really close to the elk it is great. I spent many a day here as a kid and I was so happy to get to take my son there for the first time today. I am sorry to report there was not a Bison sighting but there was a great deal of other wildlife.
The turtles soaking up the sun.

A blue jay who was eyeing our lunch.

A pretty woodpecker.

The elk...

The stare down

We were pretty close...

About 20 feet away--maybe. That's a baby watching us.

A very happy family.

Uhh...those eyes get me everytime.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Noah does have amazing eyes. He always has - I remember thinking how striking they were in his tiny baby pictures and when I saw him staring up at me from his red-checkered gingham dress (-: