Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Overwhelming all over again...

As many of you know we are in the dossier prep phase of adoption number 2. We are requesting and infant girl. We received our dossier packet next week and it really doesn't seem any less daunting that it did before. I know I shouldn't complain as Ethiopia really has a pretty simple dossier. It is just frustrating having to acquire so many duplicate documents even though we just did them 13 months ago. I guess if I would have had more foresight I would have made sure that the notary who notarized our birth certificates and marriage license--that her commission didn't expire until sometime in 2008. But I didn't have that much foresight.
I am excited by the prospect that this time next year we could have our daughter home--or at least know who she is. This time around I am much more relaxed about the whole process. I don't have the fire and urgency that I had the first time around. I am pretty sure that will all change once we have submitted our dossier and we are waiting. That I am not really looking forward to--as many of you will remember, I am absolutely the worst waiter in the history of waiting. No really, I am. Check my early archives if you do not believe me.
Here we go again....


KHS said...

Congratulations on starting the process again! Even though we were way more mellow with wait #2 than wait #1 (good thing because it was SIX MONTHS longer!), the waiting was still hard-- especially after we received our daughter's referral! I can't wait to follow you through the journey!
Karen in San Diego

Anonymous said...

The worst waiter in history?? Nah, I think Anne & I definitely gave you a run for the money in that department (-:

We all have very wanted children - all kids should be able to grow up saying this! Congratulations on your newest wait. Please keep us in the loop.


Owlhaven said...

Nope, I am definitely the worst waiter.

Congrats on beginning again!

Mary, mom to many


Anne said...

No! I was the worst!

Proof: when we talk about it, Steve gets that wild-eyed being-chased-by-rabid-hyenas look. Why do you think he had to escape to Addis for ten days in the middle of it?