Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This is my 200th post and I am

refreshed and fully recovered from my trip to palm springs. I have complete control of my left pinky and everything. My left hand is still a little weak, but considering the strain I put on it, it is coming along fine.

Today marks a great moment. One I am so scared to post about as I don't want to jinx anything, but Minnow. Slept. All. Night. He went down at 10pm--we started the whole put him to bet ritual at about 9:15. He slept until nearly 8:30am. WooHoo. For the past few nights he had been waking at about 4am for a feeding and then would go back to sleep and sleep until about 9am. I am hoping this is not a fluke. I really like not being tired.

Okay, so I have been doing a lot of thinking about weaning Minnow off of his bottle, especially as his 1 year birthday approaches. How exactly do you go about this. I know I could go online and search it out, but I thought I would ask my wonderfully experienced readership how you did it. How long does it usually take? Which bottles go first? Etc.


KHS said...

Start with the daytime bottles. Leave the 1st one in the morning for second to last. The just-before-bed goes last. This is because it's the one he likes for comfort to help fall asleep. As you replace the daytime bottles with sippy cups and he gets more comfortable with them, you can move that last nighttime one to a sippy, too. Also, there is a brand of sippy called Nuby-- it is a cup with a top like a nipple and makes the transition super easy.

we had a terrible time weaning our son (adopted at birth) from the bottle. HE couldn't get any liquid from the sippy with the stopper in it, and once we shifted to cups he started refusing milk completely. We finally broke the bottle on vacation (told him we couldn't bring bottles with us) at 18 mos. It was not pretty.

Our daughter (adopted at 9 months, now 15 mos) stopped using the bottle around 13 mos. She had no trouble with the sippy and didn't care where the milk was coming from. She even took the sippy for her 4am feed (which we finally dropped around a month ago after realizing she wasn't really hungry, she just wanted to be comforted).

Some people think it's horrible to bottle feed past 12 mos. Like pediatricians. I say do what works for you. I also personally think people who tell you they stopped the bottle at 12 mos aren't being 100% honest-- so above all else, don't beat yourself up over whatever happens! :)

Karen in San Diego

5KidMom said...

I agree with Karen. Minnow did not have a traditional beginning, so he may not do everything on "traditional" timelines. Even bio kids often do things on VERY different timelines.

I think you should definitely introduce the sippy cup (if you haven't already). If he doesn't care for taking his milk that way, just fill it with water. It is really just about introducing a new skill at first. Over time, try the milk once in a while. When he's ready, he'll drink it.

Cuddles and feeding (much like breastfeeding), are an integral part of bonding and attachment. Of course, with bottle feeding, Dad gets the perks too. I am definitely not advocating for years of bottle feeding, but a slow and relaxed transition usually makes for happier babies and parents. If Minnow takes to the idea of weaning easily, then go for it. If not, it just might not be time yet. Remember, as far as his emotional development and sense of security, you really can't look at his chronological age. His first day with you, was like he was born again. How long has that been now? Is it enough to last a lifetime, or does he need to be a baby a little longer? Only you and he can answer those questions. Let that be your guide.

Good luck. 8^)

Anonymous said...

I'm reading with curiosity...I've been wondering the same thing, Dawn, as bottles are new to us.

Here's my question - its ok to ditch the formula at 12 months, right? And if so, do you just use regular milk (or soy, more likely in Teeny's case) in the bottles or do you put water in?

I know these sound like dumb questions. But really - what do people do?


Karianne said...

When we switched from soy formula to soy milk, we started by mixing half milk, half formula, then kept increasing the milk.

I was always along the mentality that they would give them up on their own. My doctor put the veto on that and we gave Ivy sippy cups at night. She transitioned easily. We are also binky users so I think that made things easier. I don't remember if Minnow uses one.

After all this, I have to tell you how much in admiration I am over your ride. I've been trying to walk 3 miles minimum on the treadmill a day, but trying for 5. You did so much more in ONE DAY! Amazing.