Monday, October 23, 2006


Monday's are not my favorite day and never really have been. I can't really say now why I don't like them as I no longer work outside of the home. Maybe it is because hubby has to go to work, leaving me at home with a child who is not yet mobile, but wants to be so badly that he tells (whines) about it all day.

Sadly, our Cardinals lost last night. I hope to never see Kenny Rogers again pitching to us Cards. Yes, that would mean that we have to win the next 3 in a row. Well, we will be at home, maybe we could swing that. I will be hoping. Minnow will have to don that rally cap again.

Need a laugh? Those of you pop culture afficinados will appreciate this.
It gave me a good laugh.

Have a great Monday.

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Bek said...

I posted that on my blog today too. For some reason it just tickled me. :-) It made me smile. I think we are on the same wavelenght!!

You boy is getting SO BIG!!! I love the picture on the sidebar...

Is he sleeping more for you?