Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Madonna and Media

Madonna will be on Oprah today to discuss her adoption. In an article it talks about how Madonna blames the media. I have to somewhat agree. When did it become the media's job to police adoption around the world. When did it become their job and not a governments job to track down a birth parent and talk to him/her about the adoption? Didn't they do this with Angelina's adoption of Zahara? Maybe I'm mistaken. But the media has no business involving itself in private family matters and then airing them around the world and using that information to shape peoples opinions about a particular issue. When did the media/reporters become the morality police? Oh wait I think that happened right after they were paid millions of dollars for some piece of info by a network/magazine. It sickens me that this can happen. I would hate for the media to find/stalk/harass my son's birth mother and then put her words out there. Who knows what she would say. Maybe she would say she regrets abandoning her baby and wishes she could have him back. Would I then be persecuted in the media? Would my intentions be questioned. I am not a Madonna fan. I am a fan of families and why do some families matter more? Why does her child matter more? I am not naive; I know the power of celebrity. I did live in So Cal for 9 years.

I understand that it is hard for us to accept that a living parent in an African country can give up their child for adoption. I mean why would any parent do this? Well why don't we ask the thousands (I'm so sure it really is more than that) parents who do it in this 1st world fully developed nation. I mean, if we expect all impoverished people to keep and raise their children then why don't we expect all middle-class people here to keep their baby? Why should the people of African Nations be different? Why don't we ask the million plus women who terminate their pregnancies why they do it? There are lots of people, living and fully capable of raising the child, who decide that adoption is best for them. Would their be this much publicity if Madonna had adopted a child from a black woman in Detroit?

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I just got done watching Oprah - it was really good. -Steph