Thursday, September 21, 2006

What no one tells you...

that you will reach a point when you can't do it all so you just stop trying
that at 1:30am after only being asleep for 1 hour your son will not stop crying until you understand your own limits
that the love you feel for your child will trump everything else
that your mom will tell you how her way was better
that your mom will also second guess everything that you do
that it is important to schedule time for sex or you won't have any
that if you stay home you will work more than if you still had a job
that showering really becomes a luxury
that tasting food is also a luxury
that reading for pleasure no longer will exist
that it will become normal to not be grossed out when you child poops, pees and throws up on you (all in one day)
that you will lose your ability to remember what it was like before--there is a reason for this
that you will forget that you are educated as all talk revolves around the baby
that you will lose your desire to keep up on current events--unless it is a study on sleep deprivation
that it won't matter if you wear the same pants for 1 week
that coffee is no longer for enjoyment, but an absolute necessity
that there really is nothing better than that smile when he sees your face first thing in the morning

I love you Noah...


5KidMom said...

And let me assure you, the list does not stop there!

You are a great Mom, and your family is so blessed to finally be together.

Anonymous said...

So true! -Steph