Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Times are a changing

Only 3 more days of work left. I have experienced my last sucky Monday because here on out I don't have to leave the house on Mondays if I don't want to . It isn't at all bittersweet. I am so happy to be moving on. I will have to revisit this post as I am pinching pennies longing to order pizza or chinese food because I am totally exhausted from taking care of my precious baby boy.

I registered us for a infant and child care for adoptive parents class. It starts on August 1st and runs for 4 tuesdays for 2 1/2 hours each tuesay. The class is led by an RN and has guest speakers for each class. I am excited to have access to a resource just for adopted parents. I am hoping it is good and that I learn a lot and maybe come away with a few names of pediatricians and some other new adoptive moms to talk too.

We are having our shower this weekend. I am very excited. I can't wait to see what we get and what we still need. I want to hurry up get everything ready. I want to play with all the baby stuff. How exciting. Christmas is coming in the middle of July. It will also be a great to see and spend time with all of our family and friends to celebrate the little one entering our lives. I know things are going to drastically changing and I cannot wait. I welcome the adventure and challenge. Bring it on...


Julie said...

hey i was just looking at recently updated blogs and yours popped up... I just had a baby boy well 7 months ago now..anyway just saying hello

Fizzle said...

post pictures from your shower, if you're willing to share...would love to see what you get!