Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good News all Around

We got our long awaited update and Anne and Steve got thier baby. Check it out at They waited a really long 32 weeks for the referral of their sweet baby girl. Oh. I am so happy for them. And I feel slightly ashamed that I waited half as long as she did and I was a raging, crabby, neurotic bitch about it. She handled it with much more grace than I did. Yes you did Anne trust me. Congrats!!!!! You and your daughter are very blessed. If only she could know now how much you already love her. I too hope that you make it to court before it closes. I am pulling that you will be in Group T.

Well, the dog interview was yesterday and they did great. They were acutally a little shy and quite frankly scared to death. I think they thought I was going to leave them there. I got home from work and we left immediately. When I got home I found that they had fed themselves some rawhides--well not really some a whole frickin' bag and they got in trouble. Then I take them to this strange place and hand them over immediately to some strange woman who takes them out into this huge yard with 15 other dogs. What they must have thought with those little brains of theirs. But they have been accepted to this new boarding facility which is actually great. It will almost be like being at home--well not really but I will tell myself that. When we go to Ethiopia they will get to be there with their cousins--my brother's dogs--and that will be nice for them.

Hubby survived another day in the salt mines of IT hell. As his boss is on his honeymoon and hubby now has his own work to do plus everything that his boss did as hubby is the right and left hand man of his boss. He is totally stressed out but making it through. Thank goodness--as his life insurance hasn't kicked in yet---HAHA just kidding honey.

2 more days of work left after today. I can hardly believe that my teaching career as I know it is coming to an end soon. I have decided to hurry up and finish my MA in English and then will be going on for my Ed.D in Educational Leadership. Someone has to change the world. It might as well be me. I am already planning out my dissertation study. How geeky am I? I have the blessing of hubby to continue my education in this way as he wants to help me change the world. Bill and Melinda Gates get your checkbook ready as you are going to fund my study. You don't know it yet, but my ideas will blow you away. A girl can dream can't she?


MP2 said...

You are a perfect candidate for changing the world!

Mocha said...

Oh, look. Someone else who wants to change the world. YIPPEE!

We'll sit together when we do it, ok?

Dawn said...

Absolutely Mocha. Over coffee???

sarah said...

First of all, congrats on getting to stay home. I absolutely LOVED it, even though I am now working a Few hours. Also, as you set out to change the world let me know if you need any help from a lowly social worker. I'm with you all the way, especially if you decide to fix our jacked up education system!