Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First day on the job!!

Well, my last day of my tenure as a teacher was July 14th. I decided that I would take a week off before I transitioned to my new job. So, yesterday marked the first day of my new job as housewife. I actually really enjoyed it. I got a lot done. It is amazing to me what I can get done in a couple of hours without the outside pressure of an outside job. I have managed to organize half of my living room--okay so maybe this doesn't sound like much but remember me I am the one who doesn't like house work and really thinks that I am not good at it. Hubby is impressed and hey, he is a tough critic. I think I will enjoy this staying at home. It really will be managable when I get a routine down. I even made hubby his lunch this morning. I am a morning person, sleeping until 730 is sleeping in for me. I still am enjoying a few hours of relaxing in the morning of blog reading and emailing watching and coffee drinking, but come on I must pace myself.

I hope to get the bathroom and kitchen cleaned today. I have found that setting a goal is great because then when you get it done you have a sense of accomplishment and anything above those tasks is a bonus and I can feel good about it.

We are 26 days away from leaving--if everything went okay in court yesterday. We should hear today and then we can finalize our travel plans which is awesome. Hopefully I will be posting later about a successful court hearing.

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Fizzle said...

26 days, so close, so close.

I remember when I first quit, I took off a week or so, too, then kicked in to high gear cleaning, organizing. That lasted, oh, not so long before I was done being a good housekeeper and focused on just doing what absolutely had to be done before we were living in a swap meet.

Meant to tell you, good job on your nursery. It looks ready for your precious little one!