Monday, May 22, 2006

How do they do it???

As you all know, my husband and I have become quite the home improvers. Of course we are completely new to this type of work but we are doing okay. Our kitchen is nearly complete--the cabinets are up and look great, the counters are cut yet not installed, the stove and microwave are installed. The sink works and looks awesome. The dishwasher has yet to be tested, but it looks really good. The tile backsplash is up--40 square feet of tile--and the floor is almost done--75 square feet of tile so far another 50 or so to go. I still have painting to do and that will take a while. I have to say I have a completely new found respect for tile layers. It is back breaking work and tiring. I do the detail work in the house. My husband does not have the patience or the attention to detail that I do and I prefer him to be out of the house when I am working otherwise as a man he is always over my shoulder checking what I am doing. So he played golf yesterday afternoon. He picked up his buddies and they couldn't believe that he trusted me alone at home to lay the kitchen floor. "It's hard" "It needs to be straight", etc. As though a woman can't do that type of work. Well I must say one of his buddies who is a carpenter and does rehab work came to check out my work when they got home from golf and was extremely impressed that I had managed to get all of my lines straight. Well it isn't rocket science and our kitchen is not totally square either. He asked how I did it--"Did you just eye it?" No man--I used a square. Why do men really think that women are competent enough to do that kind of work. I am better at it than my husband and he knows it and doesn't care.

Now comes the hard part. Finishing. I am having a jewelry party on Wednesday. I can't believe that I am planning on having 15 people over to my house. We just recently cleaned house and threw away a lot of our furniture that we didn't like and didn't want and now we are thinking about where people are going to sit at the party. Well we have folding chairs etc but we just really aren't ready for entertaining. But that is okay. I will have a nearly finished kitchen--sans painting and grouted tiles--and I can cook. I love to cook and I am pretty good at it too. There is still so much to do. We still have a hardwood floor to install in our den and walls to paint and celing tiles to replace. I haven't even begun to really think about the upstairs and the nursery yet. I am considering putting in a partial wing wall in the living room for an desing element--I haven't told hubby this yet. I might just do it without him knowing. That would be fun. It amazes me how into my house I am not that I am a mother. I want it to look great. I want it to be nice. I have never really cared that much before. Interesting how nesting does that to you. I keep thinking about all of the get togethers we all of a sudden will be having. Birthday parties, holiday meals, etc. How will we get it all done?

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