Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crunching the Numbers

Trying to figure out this whole adoption timeline, etc is like trying to figure out Stonehenge. I know it has some rhyme and/or reason, but I have no idea really of how it works. Thanks goodeness those behind the scenes know.

I have been crunching the numbers. I know that the earliest our case can clear court is July 19th. I have heard recently from our agency that it is taking about 18-24 days from filing to the court date. That means the earliest our case could be filed would be the end of June. So that helps. I don't know how many of us are waiting for a group assingment--this indicates that our case has been filed. It is taking about 3 weeks to get out of court. This mean that the lastest we can be filed and get out of court before the closure is July 15th. Wow. So that puts the travel window somewhere between August 7th and September 20th. I really hope that everything goes well and we can make it out of court before the closure.

I am excited as I am hoping to go over to Ethiopia 2-3 weeks earlier than my husband. I want to bond with the baby. We think it is important to ease him into our family. And I want to hold him as soon as I can. We have planned our baby shower already. We want to have it before we travel as we need so much stuff. We would like to have as much as possible before we travel. I am not a traditional girl. I don't want a traditional all girl shower. We are having a huge baby reception/welcoming. I am excited and it will help the time pass. It would be great to know by July 15th where we stand. Oh if only I knew....

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